Northen Perú Itinerary

This itinerary covers the Amazon and low areas along the Marañón River, tropical forests, cloud forests, dry forests of the upper part of the Marañón, dry forests of the coastal part of Peru, etc.

The client can choose the area in which they want to travel or the birds they need to see or photograph and we organize their trip in the best way with a minimum of 5 days of the itinerary.

Luna 1

Carlos Altamirano

Specialist Guide


  • DAY 0

    Arrive in 1 hour and 20 minuts to tarapoto from lima airport, we will pick you up from the airport and transfer to the hotel.

    Hotel Rio Cumbaza-Tarapoto.
  • DAY 1

    Full morning at Aconabikh, this is a private reserve 40 minuts driveing from tarapoto this reserve has hummingbird feeders with Koepcke´s hermit, Gould´s Jeulfront and many more also we can do the trails looking for Golden headed manakin in a lek, White plumed antbird and many more, move to Moyobamba with a stop on the main road for oilbirds.

    Waqanki ecolodge-Moyobamba.
  • DAY 2

    Wakanqi reserve full day. This morning we can do the trail to the ridge, abaut 4 km on this trail special for: Ash throated antwren, buff throated tody tyrant, olive chested flycatcher, dusky spinetail, Red-shouldered Tanager, Cinereous-breasted spinetail, striped manakin, lanceolated monkled, etc. In the afternon we will serch birds at sabana forest driveing 30 minuts from the lodge; pearly vented tody tyrant, stripe necked tody tyrant, rusty backed antwren, wedge tail gras finch, russet crownet crake, bucklie´s forest falcon The area is good for Owls and Nightjars. Stygian Owl, tropical screah owl, striped owl, Spot-tailed Nightjar, Rufous Nightjar.

    Waqanki ecolodge-Moyobamba.
  • DAY 3

    Early start leaving the lodge at 5:00 am going to tingana reserve and stay there for full day, this place is poorly visited by birdwatcher, in this place we can find the 5 kingfishers present in peru, other north amazonian birds such us, long billed woodcreeper, band tail manakin, and other wather birds.

    Waqanki ecolodge-Moyobamba.
  • DAY 4

    Wakanqi reserve full day. This morning we will do the trail just to low part of the In the afternon we will serch birds arrownd the lodge and also we will stay at the hummingbird feeders, Waqanki has the best place to see hummingbird in peru with 16 posible species to get, Black-throated hermit, Rufoues crested coquette, White-chinned saphre, Long-tailed hermit, and many more.

    Waqanki ecolodge-Moyobamba.
  • DAY 5

    Early start leaving the lodge at 4:45 am going to arena blanca reserve and stay there waiting at the tinamous feeders, they come to feed from 6:30 am, Cinnereous tinamou, Little tinamou, rufous breasted Wood quail, also there are humingbird feeders, Blue fronted lancelbil, many spotted humingbird, wire crested thorntail and many more, we will move to Fundo Alto Nieva with some stops for mix tanager flocks, They have nice Hummingbird feeders good for Greenesh puffleg, booted raquettail, rufous vented whitetip, Royal sunagel, also we will try this evening for Long-wisquered owlet at nigth becouse this is better place and has easer trail to get the Owlet.

    Fundo Alto Nieva lodge.
  • DAY 6

    We will satart going for the Rusty-tinged antpitta, they have this bird feeding, affter it we shall move to the main road looking for som mix flocks of birds with Vermilion tanager, Olivaceous piha, Yellow-throated tanager and many more, also araund the lodge we can look for bar winged Wood-wren and Cinnamon breasted tody flycatcher, White capped tanager.

    Fundo Alto Nieva lodge.
  • DAY 7

    This morning we shall go to afluentes área and look for mix flocks Ecuadorian Tyrannaulet, Ecoatorian graytail, Bicolored antvireo, Ecuadorian piedtail, Green hermit, in the afternon we shall go to the owlet lodge looking on the road for Jhonson’s tody flycatcher, White-capped tanager, ect.

    Owlet Lodge-Abra Patricia.
  • DAY 8

    Full day at Owlet lodge serching for the specialities here, Yellow-scarfed tanager, Ochre-fronted antpitta, Grass-green tanager, Collared Jay, and many more, also they have hummingbird feeders with Long-Tailed silph, fown-breasted brilliant, Emerald-bellied puffleg, Collared inca, Sword-billed hummingbird, etc.

    Owlet Lodge-Abra Patricia.
  • DAY 9

    Full morning looking for the birds that we stil need, in the afternon we shall move to Pomacochas for the nigth.

    Hotel Las Brisas-Pomacochas.
  • DAY 10

    Full day at Huembo reserve, here we can see Maraveleous spatuletail, White-bellied hummingbird, Little woodstar, Andean emerald, Sparkling violetear, Green violetear in feeders, also we can serch birds around the town such us, Subtropican doradito, Plumbeous rail, Puna snipe, etc.

    Hotel Las Brisas-Pomacochas.
  • DAY 11

    In the morning we go up to San Lorenzo, chido trail for, Pale-billed Antpitta, Russet-mantled Softtail and schulenbergi ssp of Plain tailed Wren, russet mantled softail, peruvian wren, unstreack tit-tyrant,etc them transfer to jaen with stops on the road for, Marañon form of Black-capped Sparrow, Marañon form of Speckle-chested Wren, marañom trush and continue Birding on the road to jaen for, Marañon Crescentchest, Marañon Slaty-Antshrike, Little inca finch, Chinchipe Spinetail, ect.

    Hotel Prim´s-Jaen.
  • DAY 12

    Early start, we will go to tamborapa try for peruvian screach owl marañon subspecies, marañon spinetail and other birds. Long drive to Chiclayo about 5 hours we will have a stop at abra porcuya and look for piura chat tyrant, Henna hooded and Rufous necked foliage-gleaners then continue to Chiclayo.

    Hotel Inti-chiclayo.
  • DAY 13

    Transfer to bosque de pomac that is good for birds of pacific dry forest, such as, rufous flycatcher, tumbes tyrat, tumbes swallow, peruvian Plantcutte etc. then go back to Chiclayo and move to Santa Rosa beach, and serch for, peruvian tern, least seed snipe, many colores rush tyrant, costal miner, and other sea birds affter the beach we we continue to chaparri that is a very nice reserve with, White wing guan, collared warbling finch, elegant cresentchest, sulphure troated finch and many more.

    Chaparri lodge-lambayeque.
  • DAY 14

    Full day at chaparri lodge, If you are interested we can do an expedition walking 1:30 hours to see the spectacled bear in the wild, They come to drink in a well every day and also we can do birding on the way, them we go back to the lodge and look for all the chaparri forest specialities.

    Chaparri lodge-lambayeque.
  • DAY 15

    We will explore the casupe área in the morning serching tumbesian endemics such as (ecuadorian trogon, ecuadorian piculet, rufous necked and henna hooded foliage gleaners, ochre bellied dove, etc,) them we go back to the lodge and transfer to the airport wich is 1 hour and 40 minuts from the lodge.

    Transfer to the Airport in Chiclayo.